Conquering Intimidation

McVeigh, Kate

How to Overcome the Fear That Paralyzes Your Potential.

What would you do for God if you knew you could not fail?

You will never know what you can do for God if you never try. And you will never try if the devastating effects of intimidation, insecurity, rejection, and fear have you bound.

In her powerful book Conquering Intimidation. Rev. Kate McVeigh shares her struggle with intimidation and how she was miraculously delivered and transformed through faith in the power of God and the Word of God. Through personal testimony and biblical teaching, Rev. McVeigh explains how you too can be set free from fear and intimidation.

If you have and earnest desire to do all that God has called you to do, this book is for you! Discover how to fight the lies of the enemy so you can press toward your dream and become the best that you can be!

Apply the biblical truths outlined in this book, and you will learn:

-How to let go of the past

-How to defeat the enemy of insecurity

-Teh importance of making quality decisions

-How to be free from the effects of rejection

-Ten ways to overcome intimidating fear, rejection, and anxiety



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