The Midas Touch

Hagin, Kenneth E. (Kirjailijaesittely)
A balanced approach to biblical prosperity

Have you ever wished that everything you touched turned to gold? The mythical King Midas wanted everything he touched to turn to gold. But when he got what he wanted, he soon discovered he didn't want what he got! Kenneth E. Hagin has often dealt with the issue of prosperity for believers during his more than sixty-five years of international ministry.

In this book he continues to emphasize a balanced, biblical approach to this important aspect of the Christian life. Hagin explains how following unscriptural teachings that emphasize either a "poverty mentality" or excesses in the "prosperity gospel" can lead the Christian into a ditch on one side of the road or the other. The correct path is to stay in balance, steering a course in the middle of the road.

Dispel the myths surrounding biblical prosperity!

Some of the questions that are addressed in this book include:
- Should believers expect a "hundredfold return" on what they give?
- Is "supernatural debt cancellation" biblical?
- Is the wealth of the wicked laid up for the just?
- Are Christians entitled to an "end-time" transfer of wealth?
- Is "naming your seed" scriptural?
- Should you believe God for the "double portion"?



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