I Believe in Visions

Hagin, Kenneth E. (Kirjailijaesittely)

The fascinating personal story of a man whose life and ministry were dramatically influenced by visions of Jesus.

Dramatic Encounters With the Risen Lord.

"I heard footsteps coming down the corridor toward my (hospital) room. I looked toward the door to see who it was, because it was only 6:30 - too early for visitors. Someone dressed in white came through the door and at first I supposed it was a nurse.

"As I looked closer, I saw it was Jesus! It seemed as if my hair stood on end. Cold chill dumps out all over my body, and I couldn't say a word.

"Jesus approached my bed and sat down on a chair. He was robed in white and had some sort of sandals on."

This is how Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin describes the beginning of his sixth major vision on Jesus Christ - an encounter in 1959 that lasted nearly an hour and a half. Rev. Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe in Visions. These visions have dramatically influenced Rev. Hagin's more than sixty years of ministry.

In this book you will also discover:

-How God raised Rev. Hagin from a deathbed

-Why the word "if" is the badge of doubt

-How Satan influeces lives today

-In-depth details of other visitations from the Lord



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