Following God's Plan for Your Life

Hagin, Kenneth E. (Kirjailijaesittely)

Run the race God sets before you!

Are you running the spiritual race God has set before you! If you are trying to run someone else's race or a race of your own choosing, you are missing the mark. You have a high calling to run the race and finish the course God has uniquely designed for you.

In Following God's Plan for Your Life, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin states, "The last days are upon us. The end of all things is at hand. Critical years lie ahead of us, for there is a great work to be done and a great harvest of souls to be reaped...

"Never has it been so crucial for us to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading and for each of us to follow God's plan for our lives. It's time to shape up, friends. It's time to get serious about serving God and to be everything God wants us to be."

It's up to you whether or not you ever fulfill the divine purpose God ordained for your life before the beginning of time. Make sure you're on God's course for your life!

Chapter titles include:

-Running the Race

-Maintaining a Spirit-Filled Life

-Consecration to God's Plan

-Learning to be led by the Holy Spirit

-Different ways the Holy Spirit leads

-Obeying God doesn't cost _ It pays!

-Love's way is the best way



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