Wigglesworth - The Complete Story

Wilson, Julian

Smith Wigglesworth, often referred to as the "Apostle of Faith," is one of those unusual people in history who exemplifies the principle that God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things for His eternal purposes.

Although he died in 1947, Smith Wigglesworth is arguably more wellknown now than when he was alive. He founded no movement, authored no books, had no official disciples, and no doctrine or theological college bears his name, but through his audacious faith and spectacular healing ministry, Wigglesworth fanned the flames of revival in many countries throughout the world. Thousands came to know Jesus Christ as their savior, received healing, and were delivered from demonic oppression as a result of his ministrv.

In this new biography, Julian Wilson has written one of the most comprehensive accounts of the life of Smith Wigglesworth to date. Wilson has captured his unquestioning faith and trust in the Bible and his continual prayer and communion with his Lord. Wigglesworth claimed to have read only the Bible from the time he learned to read to the time of his death at the age of eighty-eight. Emanating from his intimacy with God and His Word was a divine power others sensed when they were in his presence.



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