How to Study the Word

Lawson, Terry

Taking the Bible from the Pages to the Heart

The answers and help you need can be found in the storehouse of riches God has put in the Bible. But how do you find them - how can you apply these truths in a practical, usable way?

In this book, author Terry Lawson shows you how to use study tools that, until recently, only scholars were using. You'll find that you need not be an intellectual to understand the Word of God.

You will learn:
- Techniques and tips for personal Bible study
- How to build a library of key Bible study tools
- Keys to understanding the language of the Bible
- The history of the world's bestselling book - Bible

Also included:
- Scripture promises for the benefits of studying the Word
- A brief survey of the New Testament
- A Bible dictionary



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135 x 210 mm


RHEMA Bible Church

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