Healing Scriptures

Hagin, Kenneth E. (Kirjailijaesittely)

God's Anointed Word Is Life and Health to You

The Bible says God's Word is medicine to all your flesh. But you need to learn how to take God's medicine in order to get it to work for you.

In this book, Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin gives dear instructions on how to take God's medicine - His Word - so it can become healing and health to all your flesh!

Healing Scriptures also contains scriptures about healing, a commentary by Rev. Hagin, and a real-life illustration about a woman who diligently took God's medicine - His Word - and was raised from her deathbed, miraculously healed of an incurable disease.

God's Word can heal any sickness or disease. So take your medicine! God's anointed Word can become life and health to you!

Chapter titles include:

  • God's Word Is God's Medicine
  • Jesus - The Will of God in Action
  • Healing Is One of the 'Greater Works'
  • The Blessings of the Law
  • God's Medicine Works! A Real-Life Illustration



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135 x 210 mm


RHEMA Bible Church

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