God's Word on Divine Healing - 13 lessons

Hagin, Kenneth E. (Kirjailijaesittely)

Thirteen Lessons on Divine Healing.

For Individual or Group Study.

God's will is healing! If you have ever wondered if healing is for today, then this study guide is for you! Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin's God's Word on Divine Healing provides scriptural proof that it is God's will to heal! Your healing is an accomplished and this invaluable study guide shows how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life. This informative study guide answers such question as:

-Is healing for today?

-What is the abundant life?

-Is it God's will to heal you?

-What does the Bible say about man's right to be healed?

This dynamic 13-lessons study guide is designed for group or personal devotions.



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140 x 215 mm


RHEMA Bible Church

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