Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes

Meyer, Joyce

eat the cookie... buy the Shoes teaches us that we're not built for guilt. God never intended for us to be loaded down with guilt. In fact, God is the ultimate party planner! Using stories from the Bible, Joyce describes celebration after celebration - all ordered through God - and the way they enhanced people's ability to live productive, happy lives. "I was addicted to guilt," says Joyce, "and the only time in life I felt right was when I was wrong... Fun and enjoyment are needs in our lives, and we can't be healthy without them."

In this book, Joyce reminds us that God wants us to enjoy the lives He has given us. He wants us to celebrate His mercies, our victories, even for no special reason. Sometimes we lose the joy and pleasure that are God-given gifts.

This book will help you get that back. Eat the cookie; buy the shoes!



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160 x 235 mm


2010, kesäkuu

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